Shanghai Jiading New Town, which has been listed as one of the three main new towns in Shanghai during the 11th Five-Year Plan Period, will also become the first pilot wireless zone in mainland China.

At present, of the 520,000 residents in Jiading, local media reports about 300,000 are Internet users, including 110,000 broadband users. Under the wireless city concept, Jiading New Town will be created into a wireless city through scheduled and phase construction.

A representative from Jiading District says that after the wireless city is established users can surf online at any time and any place; the police can use wireless handset equipment to transfer real-time criminal records; ambulances can obtain and transfer patient's medical records; and farmers can learn about how to prevent insects from ruining their crops.

At the end of this month, the wireless city project will be first carried out in Maoqiao Village and Modern Agriculture Garden on a trial basis, it will be further tested in venues to hold the Special Olympics in October.



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