China Southern Airlines has announced a new agreement with Guangdong Airport Management Corporation and TravelSky Technology Limited for a new joint venture company focused on departure service called Guangzhou Airport Airspan Information Technology Company Limited.

The new venture will open Baiyun International Airport to new technologies and resources from the airport authority, China Southern and TravelSky's aviation information service company. The new company will jointly develop and operate the airport departure system.

The current departure system at Baiyun International Airport was launched on August 5, 2004 with the opening of the US$3 billion aviation complex. The system uses a state-of-the-art joint-platform departure system, supporting operations of multiple background host computers, jointly sharing all the foreground departure work stations and peripheral equipment.

The new joint-venture company will work to build a safer, smoother and quicker departure service at Baiyun International Airport. The new company plans to build on the current technological and customer service advantages and work to build up Baiyun International Airport as one of the best airports in the world.


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