Perfect World (PWRD) says it has been awarded ISO 9001:2000 customer service certification after formally passing an examination administered by the SGS Group, a global inspection, verification, testing and certification company.

Other recently introduced policies that are intended to protect the interests of players include the "Perfect World Password Protection Card," "Perfect World Retrieval Business," and the "Perfect World Telephone Password Protection Card." The company says the ISO 9001 certification is a further validation of the company's efforts to provide better and more caring customer service for every player of the company's proprietary games.

The company also announced that the "Sanjie Tianshu" Zhu Xian expansion pack has been launched for online game players in China. The expansion pack introduces an expanded online world, dozens of new characters, nearly 1,000 new monsters, 100 new pieces of armor, scores of new magic weapons, and thousands of newly added tasks.

Additionally, the upper limit of game levels has been raised and many new scenes have been added. All of these features bring an entirely new experience to game players and offer more opportunities for users to maximize their performance potential.


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