In cooperation with Xiamen Municipal Education Foundation and Xiamen Daily, Dell (DELL) has held a grand ceremony at the Dell China Client Service Center in Xiamen for the opening of a computer training program designed for migrant workers' children of the city.

This is the second time that Dell has held such an activity for the purpose of reducing the digital gap.

During the two-month training program, Dell will provide a 40-hour free training for 200 migrant workers' children jointly selected by Dell, XMEF and Xiamen Daily, offering them a chance to learn about computer skills. The organizers will also take them to visit Dell's factory. After the training, Dell will give a Dell brand desktop computer to 60 students who have achieved excellent academic records.

Dell says it has been committed to reducing the digital gap and educating migrant workers' children in China. In 2005, Dell launched a similar program for students from poor families to learn computer skills and to reduce the digital gap.


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