Leading Chinese online travel service provider Ctrip.com (CTRP) has announced plans to cooperate with search engine giant Baidu.com (BIDU) on exploring the hotel search service in China.

By combining Ctrip.com's rich travel information with the advanced search engine technology of Baidu.com, the parties' cooperation will enable customers to find the location and information of up to 5000 member hotels of Ctrip.com and make a reservation directly online. In addition, it will allow them to make inquiries on more than 3000 scenic spots and other useful travel information via Baidu's Map Channel.

At present, Ctrip.com has information on more than 28000 cooperating hotels in 134 countries and regions across the world. Fan Min, CEO of Ctrip.com, says that Ctrip has been committed to supplying convenient and high-quality hotel service for customers, and this cooperation is a win-win for both sides, for it will not only make Baidu's travel information search more complete, but also bring a booking revenue increase for Ctrip.com.


  1. CTRIP Service is HORRIBLE in CHINA. What make it think it can be successful oversea?

    I am a CTRIP VIP Diamond member and has been with CTRIP since 2003. You would think that I am a value customer until you get into trouble when promised made by CTRIP was not delivered and you sit in airport waiting for CTRIP to correct their mistake 1 hour before your flight takes off and no response from CTRIP (3 days now) to your complaints. I am still waiting. May be Fan Min should work harder to improve its service in China first.


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