Linktone Signs Advertising Partnership With Tianjin Satellite Television

Chinese wireless value-added service firm Linktone (LTON) has entered into a definitive agreement with Tianjin Satellite Television through one of its wholly-owned media subsidiaries, Lang Yi, for Linktone to serve as the exclusive, long-term partner for all non-4A Category I advertising on TJSTV.

TJSTV is a popular satellite TV channel in China which reaches more than 50 million households, and over 170 million urban viewers in all 31 provinces throughout China. The total Category I advertising revenue for TJSTV is estimated to be nearly CNY100 million in 2007, of which the revenue from the 4A clients accounted for only a small portion of the total.

Linktone says it will dedicate a team of roughly 30 experienced media professionals to work closely with TJSTV to provide better, customized services to advertisers beginning in 2008.

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