China and the United States have reached an agreement to eliminate any unnecessary barriers for the bilateral trade of civilian-used technologies to increase American export of high technology to China.

China and the U.S. just signed 14 agreements and MOUs during the 18th U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade. Carlos Miguel Gutierrez, secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce, told Chinese media that a work team will review and evaluate opportunities that will help increase the U.S. export of technology to China and the U.S. will increase the export of technology to China so long as it does not undermine American national security.

China promises that it will lower the threshold for American telecom operators who want to run businesses in China by requiring a lower registered capital and submit Chinese government body's initial outsourcing price which is made under the WTO's government procurement agreement framework by the end of this year. China's entry into the framework reportedly provides about US$35 billion market for the U.S. enterprises each year.

In addition to technology, China and the U.S. have also reached agreement on many other fields including intellectual property rights and product safety.


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