The Computer Recycling Programme in Hong Kong, jointly funded and organized by 20 local and international computer equipment suppliers and with the support of Hong Kong's Environmental Protection Department and several green groups and relevant organizations, has officially launched.

Computer equipment recovered by the CRP includes desktop and notebook computers, monitors, scanners and other accessories including hard disks, mouse units and USB external storage devices. The target of the CRP is to recover 50,000 items of computer equipment annually in the first two years of implementation, of which 10% of the better quality computers will be set aside for donation to the needy through a charitable organization, while the rest will be recycled.

As a demonstration of their commitment to shoulder eco-responsibility, members of the computer trade have formed a dedicated non-profit making organization, known as the Hong Kong WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Recycling Association, to manage the CRP.

To encourage the public to recycle used computer and other electrical appliances, EPD will organize territory-wide WEEE Recycling Days. Over 60 public collection points will be provided. In addition, 400 housing estates have signed up to take part in the WEEE Recycling Days to recover used computer and electrical appliances from their residents.

Used computer equipment collected during the WEEE Recycling Days will be transferred to the CRP for subsequent donation to those in need or recycling to recover useful materials. Starting from late February 2008, the public can bring their used computer equipment to fourteen designated public collection points. To further facilitate public participation, the CRP's recycler will from March onwards provide collection service at participating buildings and estates according to a district collection schedule. Some 600 public and private residential estates and industrial and commercial buildings have already signed up.

The member suppliers of the CRP are Acer Computer (FE) Ltd; Brother International (HK) Ltd; Canon HK Co Ltd; Epson HK Ltd; Fujitsu Group, Hewlett-Packard AP (HK) Ltd; Lenovo (HK) Ltd; NEC HK Ltd; Philips Electronics HK Ltd; Samsung Electronics HK Co Ltd; Sony Corporation of HK Ltd; A Power Ltd; Digital Theme Ltd; Eagletec (Asia) Ltd; Lacie China Pte Ltd; Lexmark Int'l (China) Ltd; Magic-Pro Computer (Asia) Co Ltd; Microsoft HK; Ricoh HK Ltd; and Super-8 Computer Co Ltd.


  1. need help please,,,,looking for a hard to find cable it is a— hp xc1000 all in one media cable—been looking everywhere if you know please reply,,thank you craig


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