After word that Kyocera was sued by a Chinese consumer because of the purchase of a fake Kyocera phone, the Ministry of Information Industry (MII) has disclosed that it is working with other departments to create measures to crackdown on the sale and manufacture of counterfeit mobile phones.

Sun You'an, deputy general manager of Kyocera, has told local Chinese media that a Shenzhen consumer bought a mobile phone affixed with the Kyocera brand only to find that the phone and the specification did not conform with each other. Outraged, the consumer complained and sued Kyocera.

Sun says illegal mobile phones not only harm consumers, but they also make legal manufacturers suffer.

It is still unclear what the MII has planned. Counterfeit goods are rampant in China, where most anything including medicine, beer, toilet paper, and car parts can be counterfeited and sold.


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