China Finance Online (JRJC) has formed an alliance with China Telecom (CHA) to deliver a variety of financial information services to more than 40 million broadband users across China Telecom's Internet platform and offline distribution network.

Under the alliance agreement, CFO and China Telecom will establish and maintain a co-branded financial channel on China Telecom's broadband portal Vnet, which also serves as the payment platform for China Telecom's broadband subscribers for various Internet value-added services. China Telecom will distribute CFO's products through the Vnet portal as well as its over 10 thousand business halls, and the two parties will split the revenues according to the agreed-upon scheme under the alliance agreement.

"With the booming of China stock market and the increasing demand of our subscribers on financial information, the alliance with CFO is a very important step for us to enter into financial information and service sector," said Lisheng Ye, deputy director of China Telecom's Internet and Value- Added Business Division, "We believe the CFO's unrivaled expertise will be instrumental in helping us better develop Internet value-added services and to explore new business models."


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