To celebrate World Consumer Rights Day on March 15, Chinese consumer's online shopping rights have been further protected with a pledge by 132 online shopping malls in China.

The 132 online shopping service providers include and eBay Eachnet and they have jointly signed the "Pledge Letter on Online Retailing Credit Operation", which is an important part of the Beijing Online Retailing Credit Operation during 2008 Olympics Year initiated between the websites and Beijing E-commerce Association.

The 132 websites promised that they will review consumers' complaints 24 hours a day, seven days a week with email and at least eight hours a day, five days a week by other manual means. In addition, they will respond to consumers' complaints within two hours after they receive them during working hours and no more than 24 hours during non-working hours.


  1. Is there any protection for consumer when ordering from online store located in china? Is there a form to fill out with my complaint? is a scam, and i can't get a phone# or return address from them. ordered a pair of ugg boots and were wrong size, exchange policy on web site states that exchanges are: to exchange item customer is responsible for shipping charges to us, we pay for reshipping of new item. but they want me to pay $90 to exchange a pair of $120 boots. Found out they are fake! Just want to return boots, but co. won't give me a return address. just keep replying that i need to pay $90!

  2. If you don't know how the Chinese Internet works then don't use it to buy Chinese goods! So many people complain but they are just the poor ignorant when it comes to using Internet. If you do a WHOIS LOOKUP on who owns, you can find the guy's name, email address, and phone number in China:

    Admin Contact:
    Name– David Huang
    EMail-: [email protected]
    tel –: +86.59250262630
    org: David Huang
    Xiamen,Fujian,CN 361000

  3. thank-you for your help, but #1, wasn't aware there was a "chinese internet" guess I should have stuck with the "american internet" or maybe took a chance and gone straight into "European cyberspace"? Aw, gosh, I couldn't, could I? #2. Wasn't aware the boots were coming from china, and had read the company policy on exchanges and returns. Even emailed the company before ordering, was told these boots were coming from Australia. Next question: now that i have the owners name, etc. I can try and email and call him direct, but most likely he will not return email. It is not just that i am out of $120 it is the fact that "UGGFAD" lists all of these guarantees on their site and "exchange policy" etc. so you think it is a safe purchase, because you can always return if not satisfied. The fact they will not honor any of them is not something you can forsee.
    It was just a pair of boots, and yes could have spent half the day researching the company but if i had the time to do that, I would have ran to the store and bought them.
    Thank you again.

  4. Thanks for the information: As far as your opinion —
    "If you don't know how the Chinese internet works then don't use it to buy Chinese goods! so many people complain but they are just the POOR IGNORANT when it comes to using the internet." Well, I for one wasn't aware there was a "chinese internet" , "American internet", or maybe even the "European internet"? First of all, the goods I was purchasing are Australian goods, not Chinese, no whereE did it say they were coming from China. I read all of the exchange & return policy listed on the site, emailed them asking where these boots were made,(replied Australia) what is the guarantee regarding the authenticity, etc. Even did a few searches on the company, when a company is a fraud, there isn't alot more I could have done. If I just hadn't crossed over into the "Chinese internet".
    I do appreciate the information though. Thank-you

  5. I too have come across this scam I recently purchased what I thought was an originall site. Full address details phone numbers uk site to later find it was a genuine site which David Huang was linking too. I put in my card details to secure payment link Geotrust with ref no but it came back as an error so i presumed my card details did not go through only to find three payments had come out my account, I rang the number which put me through to australia they informed me that was linking to genuine ugg site obtaining peoples card details, Geotrust also confirmed this. When i looked into this i found this guys details David Huang, Xiamen, Fujian, China CN361000 same as listed above, this guy has also purchased domains such as uxgxgstore and many more it is likely all ugg boot sale sites he owns and it is a con, he takes money from the account and does not send any goods. I have reported this to the police and bank and they are looking into it as well as the authorities in china. Please anyone who has been scammed by this guy I encourage you to do the same I have also heard it is not just ugg boots but also other items and it also involves his wife. I have also seen on a site that watchdog are gathering information on this man so also forward your information to them if you can. Surley enough publicity on this guy will force him to be prosecuted.

  6. I have purchased some, what i thought were genuine ugg boots from This website was showing under googles sponsored links, therefore I thought this would be safe and the website looks exactly the same as the australian one.
    I went back onto this website to email them to ask when my boots would arrive but as i clicked send it went onto an error page. I started to think it seemed a bit doodgy so i clicked on a link to cancel my order which then redirected me to a fraud page saying this is a counterfeit website and to click on this link for genuine uggs.

    I emailed an address showing on the website as [email protected] to ask when my boots would arrive and received an email from Anny saying i havent paid yet! I made this order on 18th Nov and the money went out on 20th Nov so i forwarded on the confirmation email to Anny and demanded to know when i would get my order. I am currently awaiting a reply.

    Does anyone know if there is anything I can do to get my money back?

  7. I too have bought UGG's off a site owned by this same man. Apparently he keeps changing the sites and conning more people!!! I purchased from website and have not recieved them after 13 days despite the site saying they would be delivered in 5-7 days. I have contacted my bank who say they will investigate if I dont recieve after 30 days. He should not be allowed to get away with this – is there anybody we can report to??? It was the exact same site as the official UGG website so had no reason to think it was a fake. He really needs to be prosecuted for this – Liverpool.

  8. I too ordered a pair of boots from I ordered them on 14th November and they have been delivered. They are genuine synthetic!!! I have contacted my credit card company and they have advised me to take them to a store who sells genuine UGG boots locally and ask them to confirm in writing (on their company letter headed paper) that my boots are fakes. Then I have to return the boots to the supplier. I must have proof of postage. Once this is done I have to contact the credit card company again who will advise me further. Im not too sure what response I will get when I enter a shoe shop and ask for their help but I will give it a go. I intend returning the boots to David Huang<Xiamen, Fujian,China CN361000. Here's hoping

  9. I have recently bought a pair of Ugg boots from This site looks exactly like the official ugg australia site and the payment process looked normal so didnt realise it was fake until i went to track my order. To which a counterfeit website message appeared. I understand some people are recieving there orders from this site but the item is fake. I too have been giving the information to wait 30 days and contact my bank again if i do not recieve this item and if i do to take it to a shop to find out if they are fake. The comapny has also taken 2 payments out of my account so i am now down £130. This should not be allowed to happen. Im unsure whether my fake boots are going to turn up at all. Heres hoping we can all get our money back. And i will definately be more careful when im purchasing off the internet!

  10. I also purchased supposedly genuine Ugg boots from and have never received them. I am dumbfounded that he can use paypal to take money from people. I have just looked on the internet and it seems that he is now trading as – still getting away with taking money from people and not sending the goods.
    Surely someone can take action about this???

  11. I recommend cancelling/blocking your credit/debit cards and work with PayPal and/or your banks to create a dispute case against this fraudster. This (unfortunately) is my course of action after being stung for 2 pairs. As the old saying goes, "if it looks too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true"

  12. The websites keep changing and they keep scamming!!
    I have complained on a website advised by another person who has also been a victim.
    Website is
    Hopefully the more that complain, the more may get done about it!!

  13. Yes I'm afraid that I have been stung by this conman as well, bang goes my daughters christmas present i am unable to afford to replace it with anything else!

  14. I have finally received the so called Ugg boots from this evening, (after several weeks of waiting) and straight away I knew they were fake! (Paid £60 via paypal)Its true their websites identical to official Ugg website. I have disputed the case with paypal, but don't think theres much hope in a refund! I have learn't a valuable lesson, only use well known companies. I can only imagine that this will knock the confidence of people from ordering from overseas companies. And I firmly believe this guy who is responsible will pay the higher price in the end!

  15. I have ordered Uggs yesterday from am deverstated to find out this is a fake site my money was taken from my account straight away. I have now cancelled my card with my bank and have vowed to never again buy anything off the internet. Why oh why are these sites allowed to continue to con people when it is known that it is a fraudulent site, my bank is investigating!! I wont hold my breath.

  16. i too ordered from, goods arrived today, low and behold two right feet and clearly counterfiet.
    sent an email stating wrong, got a reply stating to pay £40 and a new pair would be sent and i need not return the others.
    Paypal are totally useless, as far as they are concerned i have received goods, although clearly as not stated, and they have closed my dispute.
    credit card company has told me, like others, to get a headed letter stating boots are fake and 2 right feet and email UGG.GG stating that they should pick up my goods and refund my money.
    i know have to wait 30 days and hopefully will get a refund.

  17. I too was a victom of this ? back in november, I ordered two pairs of boots but only received one pair, and like everyone else, he charged more than was stated on the email comfirmation. I tried to contact them without success, so I opened the comfirmation email and clicked on the order number which took me to a page with all my transactions and previouse queries and replys. There is a box were you can send a message(a ticket)-I only did this recently – and I couldn't believe it, I actually got a reply, which was a shock because I did try to phone and email them, unsuccesfully. They told me that they would look into it and they would send boots ASP, I heared nothing so I sent another message and they told me that they were out of stock but as soon as they came in they would send them ASP and told me not to worry. HA!Too late for that! That was over a week ago so I tried again – this time not so nice – but up untill now have had no reply. I hope other sucker's – SORRY!-
    have had mor luck than me.


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