Internet Joins Hands With Content Providers To Offer Legitimate Online Content, a downloading service provider in China, has begun to partner with China's mainstream online content providers such as,, and in an effort to provide legitimate online content.

Xunlei says that the cooperation will benefit all parties involved and push the healthy development of the industry's content. This move can not only help Xunlei decrease its competition with Internet content providers, but also assist in transferring risks brought by online copyrights.

Xunlei has been injecting huge investment into its growth since 2007 in copyright cooperation and outsourcing. In April 2007, it launched an initiative at the Great Hall of the People to support legitimate copyrights and the healthy development of Internet music and video services. However, in February this year, the company was sued by six international film companies who claimed that Xunlei had violated their copyrights and asked the company to pay them CNY7 million and apologize. The case is currently being processed at Shanghai Pudong New District People's Court.

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