In cooperation with Chinese enterprise mail service provider, the Internet Society of China has released a TAP intelligent anti-spam product, which is one of the key products under China's "863" program and can reportedly help block 99% of spam mails.

Huang Chengqing, secretary general of ISC, says the product is a joint achievement of ISC, and Shanghai Jiaotong University who have together spent 18 months developing it. According to Huang, each enterprise user in China spends an average of 36 minutes each day dealing with spam and spam caused a direct loss of up to CNY20 million to Chinese users in 2007.

Li Rui, vice president of, says that enterprises only need to change their original MX settings before they can use the product, which is offered to them free of charge for the time being. Li says that the product will be available to enterprise users before the end of this year, but they've not decided whether to charge a fee for its use next year.

At present, the product is available free of charge to companies that have set up their own mail system.


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