China Telecom (CHA) has signed with NavInfo and Cgogo to carry out a range of cooperation on telecom yellow page data, digital map applications and mobile phone search, which is expected to result in the unveiling of the largest dynamic yellow page database in China.

China Telecom's yellow page services has already begun to offer many forms of information inquiries. The cooperation with Cgogo on mobile phone search will further enrich the company's inquiry method and form a solid and diversified information network.

The three parties' cooperation will mainly aim at the application of mobile phone new media products and the development of corresponding service pattern under the upcoming 3G environment. And the cooperation means that China Telecom's shift from a traditional telecom service provider to a comprehensive information provider will proceed more smoothly.

In September 2006, China Telecom launched the 114 search service in cooperation with Microsoft as a prelude to enter the wireless search industry.


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