Dell (DELL) announced plans in China to launch a direct commercial product partnership plan in the hope of further expanding its market coverage in the country. The company expected to develop 1000 partners in China by the end of this year.

Dell has changed its featured direct-selling into a direct pattern. Min Yida, president of Dell Greater China, says that China is the second largest market for Dell in the world and the commercial product partnership plan is an important part of Dell's long-term strategy in China and it is also an extension and complementary to the company's direct-sales pattern. Min says that Dell will be devoted to the establishment of a close partnership network to develop long-term partners.

Dell's partnership plan mainly targets two kinds of partners, namely the industry authorization partners and the commercial product franchise dealers.

Dell is reportedly to have brewed the reform for a long time. Previously, the company set up a special channel department to communicate with partners and appointed Mai Peiran, a general manager from Sun China, to work as the general manager of its channel business. In addition, it also launched a special web page so that partners can register to communicate with Dell online.


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