eBay Eachnet has announced immediate plans to exempt a series of important fees for users, a move that marks the beginning of the company's shift to a free service pattern.

eBay Eachnet's main Chinese competitor Taobao.com has maintained a leading market position since it was founded because of its menu of free goodies for users. Taobao is run by e-commerce powerhouse Alibaba.com.

Chang Lin, vice president of eBay Eachnet, says users will enjoy life-long free service when they open a new store on eBay Eachnet. Users who have already had a store on eBay Eachnet can enjoy a free upgrade of their stores, and users who purchased a high-end store or superior store with eBay Eachnet between January and April this year will be offered excellent classified resources before the end of June. In addition, users who bought a high-end or superior store from eBay Eachnet in May will gain a full refund.

Chang says China's online transactions are still in an infant stage, so the launch of the zero-cost platform will attract lots of new netizens to try the company's service.

As one of the earliest e-commerce companies in China, eBay Eachnet, a joint venture between eBay and Tom Online, has experienced a period of depression in the recent two years.


  1. hello,
    I'm from US and love eachnet. Did all my Christmas shopping for such less this year. Yet this last month something has happened with the site. I can't get it back to English. Can you help me?
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