Shanghai No. 1 Secondary People's Court has sentenced, one of the many online video service providers in China, to pay CNY50000 in compensation to NuCom Online (Beijing) for the violation of the NuCom's copyright by offering the film of "Crazy Stone" online.

"Crazy Stone" is a film co-produced by Sifang Yuanchuang International Film and Television Culture (Beijing) Co., Ltd, Zhongying Huana Hengdian Film and Television Co., Ltd and Yingyi Entertainment Co., Ltd. In July 2006, Zhongying Huanan Hengdian Film and Television Co., Ltd. granted the exclusive right of running the film online in mainland China to NuCom Online (Beijing), but the company later found that was providing the film online to its registered users without its approval.

As punishment, the court asked to delete the film from its website immediately and pay CNY50000 to NuCom Online (Beijing) to cover its economic losses and other expenses.


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