China's State Administration of Radio, Film and Television has published a second announcement on its official website on the results of online audio and video program service providers in which SARFT says it has asked eight websites to stop running audio and video services and has issued a warning to another 20 websites.

The result of the recent audit shows that the content and service quality of China's online audio and video service providers were generally better than those in the first quarter, but there were still some websites that were providing "unhealthy" information or running audio and video programs without approval — or even trying to evade the supervision department's punishment by frequently changing their server accesses and locations.

On March 20, 2008, SARFT published an announcement, which is now known as the "No. 1 Announcement", on its website, ordering 25 websites to stop running audio and video service and issuing warnings to 32 websites.

The name of websites that have been issued a punishment this time is not given.


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