Chinese search engine provider (BIDU) has announced plans to make adjustments on its direct-selling framework in southern China.

By incorporating the company's branches in Zhongshan and Foshan into the branch of Shenzhen, Baidu will set up a Southern China Marketing Service Center to increase its marketing revenue in the Pearl River Delta Region.

Baidu's Southern China Marketing Service Center reportedly will cover all clients of the company's branches in Shenzhen, Zhongshan and Foshan. Baidu says that after the establishment of the new Center, employees of its Zhongshan Branch and Foshan Branch can choose to either work with the center or apply for a resignation.

Xiang Hailong, vice president of sales at, says that Baidu's Southern China Marketing Service Center will adopt a centralized management and it will help further standardize Baidu's marketing system management and service.


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