Illegal mobile phone manufacturers in China reportedly have a chance of developing CDMA and TD-SCDMA mobile phones as a result of China's telecom industry restructuring.

According to Chinese media, China's telecom industry restructuring will bring CNY400-600 billion in network construction opportunities. Meanwhile, it will offer chances for illegal mobile phone manufacturers, mainly those that do not have their mobile phone products tested, to develop CDMA and TD-SCDMA mobile phones, with the increase of new mobile phone users.

The new increase in mobile phone users caused by a change of competition pattern among mobile operators as a result of China's telecom industry restructuring has brought an opportunity for those illegal mobile phone manufacturers. Because of the restructuring, each of the mobile operators will certainly offer preferential measures to seize new users and this will provide an opportunity for illegal mobile phone manufacturers to develop popular businesses.

Though China has canceled the review system for mobile phone licenses, mobile phone products made by each of the manufacturers are still required to be tested. However, some small manufacturers choose not to have their products tested to save costs of about CNY300,000-CNY400,000 for each type of mobile phone and to make their products get to market faster. This group of manufacturers is often referred to as illegal mobile phone manufacturers.


  1. I think it needs the government to participant into that market by controlling the supply of the IMEI, so, people can track if their mobile phone is brand new and/or come from the quality factory. the way of branding the mobile phone or teaching the end-user to select the good phone are not worked.
    It's not just the bad quality factory, but also the refurbish mobile phone

  2. yes, strongly agree that with henry.
    some chinse phones could not be blocked. many people are working on it. and some are very impressive. the reason that china mobile are developing so fast, you can check what they are producing:
    dual sim phone, tv phones, even watch mobile phones. too many different products. you can check a professional chinese mobile phone website:


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