Lee Yoon-Woo, the newly appointed CEO of Samsung Electronics, said during his recent visit to China that he arrived to promote Samsung's environmentally-friendly strategy.

Lee said that Samsung had made a Green Operation Plan which will focus on the green aspects of operation, products, factories, work flow and communities.

Regarding Samsung's possible investment of CNY150 million in pushing forward its green strategy in 2008, Quan Guixian, a spokesperson from Samsung, told local media that he was not sure that Samsung would really make that amount of investment, but he added that Lee Yoon-Woo indeed attached great importance to the green operation plan and would gradually enlarge the investment on it year-by-year.

In Mid-May, a few weeks after Lee Kun-hee's resignation, Yoon-Woo Lee was appointed CEO of Samsung. After he took the position, he reorganized the company's business by combining its areas of home theatre, DVDs and Blu-Ray players with television manufacturing and incorporating MP3 player, laptop computers and set-top boxes into a communications network department.

Samsung will set up a LCD TV facility in Shenzhen or Guangzhou, which will be the second LCD module factory for Samsung in China and will involve about USD500 million in investment.


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