Along with China Electronic Energy Saving Technology Association and China Quality Management Association For Electronics Industry, Chinese mobile phone retail chain D.Phone has announced in Beijing that it will join the "Green E-Campaign" for e-waste recycling and begin receiving e-waste from consumers at its over 1200 chain stores across China.

Liu Donghai, president of D.Phone, says that the D.Phone will join CEESTA and CQMAEI in reclaiming waste electronic products such as computers, TV sets, washing machines, refrigerators, air-conditioners, scanners, and printers and will encourage consumers to recycle old electronic appliances by offering them coupons.

D.Phone says it will provide coupons with the face value of CNY50, CNY100 and CNY150 to consumers who hand in the e-waste at D.Phone's chain stores, with which consumers can purchase electronic goods at D.Phone's stores.


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