China's State Administration of Radio, Film and Television has published a full list on its official website, detailing 247 organizations and websites that have been issued an Online Audio-Visual Broadcasting License.

Most of the 247 license winners are state-owned companies. They are mainly local TV stations, radio stations, press and publishing houses. Firms like Xinhua News Agency and Chinanews which seem not to have yet set foot in online audio and video service, as well as 22 newspaper offices and three magazine publishing houses have been granted a license. However, and, two of the most popular sites in country, have not received the licenses.

Non-governmental companies that have obtained the licenses include the five portal websites of,, Netease, Tencent and Tom and pure online video providers, and

The 27 newspaper offices that have received the license include People's Daily, China Daily, Chinese Electric Power Newspaper Office, Zhongshan Daily and Ningxia Daily.

Online Audio-Visual Broadcasting Licenses, also known as Information Network Audio-Visual Program Broadcasting Licenses, are permits issued by SARFT for companies to run online audio and video services in China.


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