Shanghai Media Group and Intel (INTC) have announced a new collaboration in developing broadband online TV in China.

Intel will provide support to SMG including funding, technology research, and product development, to build a more secure, convenient, and stylish online TV platform. Intel and SMG's collaboration in developing broadband online TV in China is comprehensive. Intel Capital will invest approximately USD12 million to be used for developing and promoting broadband online TV technology, through supporting Shanghai Media Group Broad Band in software services and product research and development.

"Global demand for broadband online TV is increasing rapidly as a result of the proliferation of Internet technology" stated Arvind Sodhani, president of Intel Capital. "Intel is delighted to cooperate with SMG to develop the broadband online TV platform in China. Collaboration with Intel will stimulate the innovation and development of Chinese new media"

SMG offers a diversity of new media services including: interactive TV, mobile phone TV, IPTV, and broadband online TV. SMGBB, a wholly owned subsidiary of SMG, is a video website that provides a variety of programs with stable network broadcasting service.


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