Lenovo (LNVGY) has formally announced that the group will cooperate with Intel (INTC) and Alibaba to tap the e-business market.

Lenovo Group will embed an e-commerce platform that is launched by Intel and Alibaba in its Yangtian Series. In addition, Lenovo Group will add appropriate hardware to this series to make them more suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises in China.

By launching the e-commerce desktop PC, Lenovo will find a new niche market and a new business model. It will boost its corporate sales in the long run. However, the new desktop PC will not replace Lenovo's Yangtian Series, the flagship desktop PC of the company. At present, the annual sales volume of Yangtian is about 2 million, of which most are used as e-commerce PCs.

In May 2008, Alibaba and Intel jointly launched a special program named "Powering China", which aims at helping small and medium-sized enterprises to develop their business by using e-commerce tools.


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