ZTE Corporation has announced that the company plans to build a research and development center in Nanjing.

The R&D center will reportedly cover a total construction area of 260,000 square meters and can accommodate 20,000 employees, making it the biggest development and production base for software information industry in China, or even in Asia.

Located in Yuhuatai District, ZTE Corporation Nanjing branch is a research and production base that specializes in research, production, sales and mobile products. With about 10,000 research workers, the Nanjing branch has become the biggest research base for the company and a world-class base camp for ZTE. The third-stage project of the R&D center, which is under construction, is situated at the intersection of Ningnan Road and Airport Road.

Zhu Shanlu, secretary of Nanjing Municipal Committee, is quoted by local media as giving full praise to this project. He says that the government will support this project and hopes ZTE can accelerate the construction of the third-stage project of the R&D center.



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