TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance has announced that with the consent of the Council of the TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance, China Mobile will join the alliance along with nine other firms.

Hou Jinlong, the alliance's chairman on duty and vice president of Huawei, announced the names of the seven firms out of the ten in a welcome ceremony, including China Mobile Communications Corp.; China P&T Appliances Corp.; Wuhan Dopod Communication Corp.; MediaTek Inc.; Beijing Creative Century Information Technology Co., Ltd.; Digimoc Telecom Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.; and NTS (Chengdu) Technology Co., Ltd.

The other three new members, which have already gained the authorizations, are Fujian Vtion Information Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou EB Information Technology Ltd. and Wingtech Group Limited. The three companies also attended the ceremony.

Yang Hua, secretary general of TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance, says that with the participation of China Mobile and China P&T Appliances, TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance realizes a complete coverage of the industry chain from operators to manufacturers. TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance now has 58 members across China.


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