Sun Zhaohui, vice director for the Wireless Bureau of the State Administration of Radio Film and Television, said at a press conference that the signals of China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting will hopefully cover the entire country in the second half of 2008.

China Satellite Mobile Broadcasting Corporation, the operator of CMMB, says the full commercial trial of CMMB will be started in 2009 and the company will gradually provide television program broadcasting and information services in various fields such as government affairs, news, traffic conditions and stock prices.

The CMMB network has already covered 37 cities, including municipalities, provincial capitals, Olympic host cities and some cities specifically designated in the plan. At present, the construction of a single frequency network formed by seven launch points has been completed in Beijing and the network covers the major areas within the Fifth Ring Road and some areas near the Sixth Ring Road of the city.

In addition, China Satellite Mobile Broadcasting Corporation announced that the company will cooperate with IT manufacturers, including Intel, Lenovo, Huaqi and Samsung, to promote music instrument digital interfaces, laptops and ultra mobile PCs which are suitable for the CMMB standards.


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