Ifeng.com, the authorized online broadcaster of Phoenix Satellite TV's programs, has sued Ku6.com, one of China's leading video websites, for "maliciously" uploading programs of Phoenix and gaining illegal profits through these programs.

The lawyer of Ifeng.com told local media that Ku6.com should gain authorization from Ifeng.com if it wants to broadcast the programs of Phoenix on its website. However, the video website use the programs of Phoenix without the consent of Ifeng.com. It has seriously infringed the copyright of Phoenix Satellite TV and Ifeng.com. Ifeng.com has reportedly completed the evidence notarization about the infringements of many websites, including Ku6.com and Youku.com, and has sued the two in court.

The infringement activities of video websites have been tough problems in China. Video websites always say the videos are uploaded by netizens and take that as an excuse and the markets of content suppliers are illegally occupied by pirated copies. In regards to this situation, the National Copyright Administration jointly promoted a special action with the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2008 to fight piracy.

There is no word yet when the case will go to trial.


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