Lenovo (LNVGY) can't wait to cash-in on its Olympics sponsorship and has announced the final Internet charity auction of limited-edition notebook PCs inspired by the Lenovo-designed Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch to benefit organizations in China.

"These auctions offer an exciting way to count down the last days before the start of the Olympic Games," said Deepak Advani, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Lenovo. "We are thrilled to offer fans the unique opportunity to own these one-of-a-kind Olympic torch-themed notebook PCs. Our technology helps bridge the physical gaps across different parts of the world, and Lenovo's goal is to do the same thing with social investments."

Over the past six months, a series of notebook PCs have been available for bidding at lenovohopefundauctions.com throughout 10-day periods. Many of these limited-edition notebook PCs were autographed by athlete ambassadors. The auctions took place in Japan, Australia, Britain, France, United States, Hong Kong, Argentina, Mainland China, India, Brazil and Canada. In this final week leading up to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, 10 notebook PCs, one from each of the participating countries, are being auctioned to conclude the program. By the end of the philanthropic campaign, a total of 31 limited-edition Lenovo notebook PCs will have been auctioned around the world.

All proceeds from the auction will be distributed through the Lenovo Hope Fund to select philanthropies, including Right to Play and the International Red Cross to support the Sichuan earthquake relief efforts.


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