Promoted by, the website of China's state-run television network, the Olympic New Media Copyright Protection Alliance and its anti-piracy action were launched in Beijing today.

Wei Dangjun, vice director of the society management division of the State Administration of Radio Film and Television, and Xu Chao, vice director of the copyright management division of the National Copyright Administration, attended the opening ceremony. At the ceremony, announced that it would start an Olympic new media copyright protection group with nine new media companies, including Shanghai Media Group,,, Tencent, Netease,, PPStream, UUsee and PPlive, to unveil a new round of anti-piracy action.

The group members promised to the International Olympic Committee that they will implement regional protection and digital rights management to fulfill their obligations in new media copyright protection. In addition, they will participate in the 2008 Internet monitoring project that was launched by the International Olympic Committee in China and establish a 24-hour monitoring platform. During the Olympic Games, these websites will set up 24-hour complaint hotlines and open reporting areas on their websites to publish the list of piracy websites.

Wei says that SARFT has ordered the government news websites, local news websites and business websites to respect the interests of these Olympic new media and not to broadcast the Olympic Games without the consent of The National Copyright Administration has jointly established a rapid-response mechanism with the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to ensure the piracy complaints will be handled within two hours after being received.

As the official broadcast organization for the 2008 Olympic Games, has signed license agreements with nine websites, including Shanghai Media Group, and, forming the largest new media broadcast platform in the Olympic history.


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