Supported by the State Administration of Radio Film and Television, Shanghai Ruigao Information Technologies has completed the first large-scale indoor coverage project for China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting in Shanghai.

The location of the project is in the Everbright Town Communication Trade Center, which is one of Shanghai's biggest mobile terminal sales and wholesale centers. With a signal coverage of 32,000 square meters, the project enables Shanghai's users to experience CMMB programs during the 2008 Olympic Games.

The current development speed of CMMB is beyond the expectation of the industry and SARFT is accelerating its layout to capture the market. The CMMB signal was previously also opened in Lhasa, Tibet on July 11, 2008, marking the completion of CMMB's network coverage in 37 Chinese cities. At the end of 2008, SARFT will start network coverage in prefecture cities and the further coverage number will be more than 300.

For terminal testing, CMMB adopted SARFT's own testing standard instead of the testing standard of GSM mobile phone. The first batch of CMMB terminals has passed the testing of SARFT, of which each of Lenovo, ZTE and Tianyu's mobile phone products gained a network certificate.


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