NCAC: 85% Online Olympic Pirate Broadcasts Are In Developed Countries

Yan Xiaohong, vice director of the General Administration of Press and Publication of China and vice director of the National Copyright Administration of China, said at a press conference held in the Beijing International Media Center that over the three days after the opening of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, about 1,600 online Olympic pirated broadcasts happened across the world, of which only about 100 were in China.

Yan says that China has done a good job in Olympic copyright protection. According to the monitoring statistics of the Chinese Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee, over the three days after the opening of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, about 1,600 unauthorized broadcasts were found across the world, of which 85% happened in developed countries. In China, the number of the pirated broadcasts is about 100 and each of the cases was successfully handled within two hours. The fastest one took only about 20 minutes to shut down the errant website's server.

According to the analysis, most of the illegal broadcasts in China were caused by a lack of legal knowledge and these websites deleted the illegal contents after receiving notices from government agencies, but there are still a few websites that intentionally infringed the glorious Olympic copyright. In addition, some overseas websites are beyond the control of Chinese government and the government can only limit their illegal broadcasts into China, which China appears to do very well.

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