Hong Lei, the webmaster of Chinese download website Tomatolei.com and writer of Windows XP Tomato Edition, reportedly has been taken into custody by the Suzhou Public Security Bureau.

Tomatolei.com was founded in 2003 and offers the download of the latest Windows XP Tomato Edition and also other useful software, as well as online forums, blogs and ringtone services. Several days after Hong's arrest last week, Microsoft China responded to China media that it has in the past requested the National Copyright Administration and the Ministry of Public Security, together with some other software corporations, to investigate software piracy on Tomatolei.com.

Soon after the news came out in local media, other BBS and Internet forums that are similar with Tomatolei.com have removed contents about operating systems. Various estimates put bootleg Microsoft operating systems at up to 70% of the total installed base in China.


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