Qihoo announced that the company sued Chinese anti-virus company Rising and technology website Zol.com.cn for reputation infringement on August 25 and the case has been accepted by People's Court of Chaoyang District, Beijing.

According to the lawyer of Qihoo, the ICP corporate name of the official website of Rising has been changed to Beijing Yijin Yuhui Technology Investment Co., Ltd along with its business range, which was changed to investment management. Therefore, the defendant in this lawsuit is actually Yijin Yuhui.

Qihoo says in the indictment that as the competitor of Qihoo 360, Rising has been verbally attacking Qihoo 360 on various occasions and through various methods, especially after Qihoo 360's announcement to launch a free anti-virus software, in a large amount of articles posted online. Qihoo says Rising not only recommended and spread these articles and rumors on its software interface, but also bought advertising space on some major websites and client software to put these articles in the form of advertising.

At the same time, Zol.com.cn published about 40 articles that attacked Qihoo 360 and the website put more than ten links that lead to the negative news about Qihoo 360 in its software area, making this area nearly an "anti-360" feature.

Therefore, Qihoo has sued the two companies for reputation infringement and asks that Rising make a public apology and pay compensation of CNY2 million to the two owned companies of Qihoo.

The case has been accepted by People's Court of Chaoyang District, Beijing and the final judgment has not yet decided.


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