After a four-month beta test of five different versions, Qihoo has recently launched the formal version of its browser product 360se1.2.

Starting from the end of 2007, Qihoo 360 has been committed to the development of a safe browser. In April 2008, the company launched the 0.5 beta version of its browser product, which embedded security features and applications such as smart interception of malicious code, intelligent blocking of malicious websites and other security features.

Recently, international IT giants, including Microsoft and Google, have paid more attention to the security of browsers, especially Google, who launched its safe browser product named Chrome. Before that, Mozilla already introduced the security functions to its Firefox browser.

Zhou Hongwei, president of Qihoo, says that although Chrome attaches more importance to the security function and more netizens are aware of the importance of Internet security, most netizens still do not know whether their browsers are safe or not. However, as more Internet security technologies are applied in browsers, security will become a key index in the new competition among browser products.

Zhou adds that Qihoo 360 has oriented the features in its browser product to the protection against trojan viruses. With the rapid development of the Internet, over 90% of trojans and viruses are spread through web pages. Therefore, as the entrance for users' access to the Internet, browsers should carry the burden of protecting Internet users.


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