According to Apple's (AAPL) Hong Kong website, Apple's unlocked iPhone with 3G function has started to be sold in the company's online retail store in Hong Kong.

This unlocked feature means the phone can easily be used with any GSM telecom operator's services. At present, the Hong Kong Apple website is selling the 3G iPhones with capacities of 8 gigabytes and 16 gigabytes. The 8 gigabytes iPhone is sold at a price of USD695, which is about HKD5,400, while the 16 gigabytes iPhone at a price of USD798, which is about HKD6,200, and all the iPhones will be delivered to customers for free if they reside in Hong Kong. The advertisement on the website says that all the handsets for sale can be compatible with any mobile operator — users only need to insert SIM card into the 3G iPhone and activate it by connecting it with iTunes 8.

Apple doesn't explain why they are selling the unlocked iPhones in Hong Kong and also doesn't claim whether it will provide the same kind of mobile phones in other markets.

Previous to this, the 3G iPhones were sold in July in Hong Kong by Hutchison Telecommunications. On the condition that a user signs a two-year agreement, the cheapest cost for an iPhone package is USD188 per month, and the 8 gigabytes iPhone with package service is sold at a price of HKD2,938 while the 16 gigabytes ones at HKD3,738.


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