Ending days of riveting expectation, Baidu's (BIDU) E-commerce Business Department has formally announced that Baidu's new C2C e-commerce platform is named Youa.com.

Commenting on the name of this C2C platform, Li Mingyuan, general manager for Baidu's E-commerce Business Department, told local media that the major principles for Baidu to select the name is to be in line with Chinese people's spelling habits and it should be easy to remember. Youa, which is easy to speak, to spell and to remember, is definitely the best choice, he says.

After the release of Baifubao.com, the independent payment platform for the search engine company, the name of its C2C e-commerce platform has become a focus of the industry. At the same time, the Chinese search engine giant held two votes among its users for its e-commerce platform name on September 24 and October 7, 2008 and the name Youa.com was included in the list of candidates.

The system is still undergoing beta tests and should be opened soon.


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