Huawei, the Chinese telecom equipment maker who suspended the sale of its terminal business in October 2008, has recently revealed that the company will launch its first smartphone products based on the Android and Symbian systems in the first half of 2009.

Those smart phones, which will not be marked with Huawei's logo, will be sold through the channels of the major telecom operators in China.

Prior to this announcement, Huawei only launched one smartphone product based on the Windows system. However, as operators' demands for customized smartphones is growing, Huawei has now paid more attention to this potentially lucrative market.

Chen Chongjun, director for terminal sales of Huawei, says that the smart phones produced by Huawei will be sold under the brands of operators and the company will not provide contents or services like what Nokia has done. "Huawei will stand firmly in the camp of operators and will never directly sell handsets to terminal customers," Chen told local media.


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