China E-commerce Info Tech Company has sued Microsoft (MSFT) for patent infringement because of the use of RSS within its Vista operating system.

According to local media, Wang Jianbo, the chairman of China E-commerce, stated the company applied for a patent for RSS service in 2005, and obtained the patent certificate in December 2007 from China's State Intellectual Property Office with patent number being No. ZL 2005 1 0022721.3. Wang says Microsoft adopted the technology in Vista without the company's authorization.

China E-commerce is a small company based in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. Now the Xi'an Intermediate People's Court has accepted the case in which China E-commerce requests Microsoft to stop the infringement and stop selling Vista, which adopted RSS technology in China.

Microsoft reportedly responded to the issue last Friday, saying it has never violated the intellectual property rights of China E-commerce.

The specific patent is for "an XML-based RSS information interactive processing approach", according to information on the SIPO's website. RSS is used to syndicate XML-based files from blogs, websites, and other Internet platforms.


  1. Microsoft stole Apple's operating system interface and called it "WINDOWS". What do expect from a nasty company like MS??

    However, the patent for RSS is ridiculous!!

  2. As regards, the GUI desktop which you are referring – Apple actually copied the technology for the " window-like" desk top from "GEOS" by Geoworks, who had their GUI desktop and applications on the Apple II computers. When Apple released the Apple Mac – it used the almost identical GUI interface.
    And Yes – Parc Xerox actually invented the MOUSE interface way back in 1969 – and just did not know what to do with it. [ Geoworks was also available on the C64 and eventually the PC, but by that time microsoft had their "windows" desktop os , and tried to sue Geoworks for stealing "their" gui technology ( !?!? ) Geoworks on the PC was a much better GUI interface – which even on DOS could fully multi-task, unlike even the latest windows, that only time share the processing between the apps ] …

  3. Chinese patents are a joke, they're stolen and reused daily. This company could have easily paid off the office to change the date to 2005. A patent in the states only buys you a couple months before China violates it.


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