A representative from Sohu.com (SOHU) has confirmed that the Chinese Internet company plans to launch its own Internet browser product, but the detailed schedule for making it available to users has not been released.

According to news posted on Sina.com that quoted the unnamed representative from Sohu.com, Wang Xiaochuan, senior vice president of Sohu.com, revealed during his recent lecture in Tsinghua University that Sohu.com plans to launch a browser software to compete with Opera, Google's Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Maxthon. The most distinctive feature of this browser is that users on education networks will be able to visit international networks directly via this browser, which means the browser will have an embedded proxy function.

At present, Microsoft's Internet Explorer dominates the browser market with other browser products, including Mozilla's Firefox and Google's Chrome, dividing the minor part of the market. Having launched many software products like Sogou's Pinyin input method, Web applications and desktop applications, Sohu.com's browser product is expected to further integrate its product line.

Earlier in 2008, Mozilla announced plans to cooperate with Sohu.com to launch a new Olympics-related special version of the Firefox browser. This was the second time for Firefox to launch a customized product in China. Its first special version was NKU Firefox 1.0, which was developed by the Firefox user group at Nankai University.



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