According to a survey conducted by Taiwan Internet Association, each local resident in Taiwan received 29 spam emails daily on average, making the total number of spam emails received in Taiwan reach 110.1 billion in 2008.

The TWIA says that by 2008, the number of netizens in Taiwan will reach 10.41 million and the network coverage will reach 44% of the population. With the development and popularity of the Internet, email has become an important channel for people's communications. The association says to block these spam emails, the Internet service providers have to pay copyright fees and maintenance fees for software. In addition, the time costs for people to delete these spam emails are inestimable.

The association says although the number of spam emails decreased compared with that of 2006, software still cannot block all the spam. More investment should be put into the research development of relevant software to ensure the security of the Internet.


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