GlobalScape (GSB) announced the availability of the latest versions of its CuteFTP file transfer products in Simplified Chinese and Russian.

"Our analytics indicate that Chinese and Russian are consistently among the top three native languages spoken by visitors to our website," stated Ted Marchut, vice president of consumer products. "Our web traffic and trial installations indicate that we have strong brand awareness and interest within the Chinese and Russian-language markets. We look forward to increasing conversions of trial users to customers within this market space."

GlobalScape, headquartered in the United States, provides managed file transfer products to securely exchange critical information over public networks. Since the release of CuteFTP in 1996, GlobalScape's products have continued to evolve to meet the business and technology needs of an increasingly interconnected global marketplace.

These latest product localizations follow GlobalScape’s September 2008 announcement of Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Turkish versions of the CuteFTP software.


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