After speculation last week, Chinese portal website (SOHU) has now launched an official version of its Sogou Internet browser.

Official documents show that the new Sogou browser has many distinguished features, including embedded playing of Web video, quick proxy functions for education networks, smart address bar, privacy protection mode, and a column for the most-visited websites. In addition, the Sogou browser can help users to block advertisements on the Internet.

With the privacy protection mode, records about the websites viewed by Sogou browser's users will not be tracked within that computer, which can protect the privacy of users who use public computers.

Prior to this launch, senior vice president of Wang Xiaochuan revealed during his lecture in Tsinghua University that the company would soon launch a browser product.

In August 3, 2004, formally launched its professional search website On June 5, 2006, it launched the first beta trial edition of Sogou Pinyin input method, which has become one of the most successful products of Sogou.


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