Chinese mobile phone chain store D.Phone announced that the company has cooperated with Nokia (NOK) in opening a Nokia specialty store in Beijing.

The Nokia specialty store jointly managed by D.Phone and Nokia uses the unified exterior appearance and brand logo of Nokia. With a total area of over 130 square meters, the store is located in the Zhongguancun commercial area, one of the areas with most mobile phone chain stores in Beijing.

A representative in charge of Nokia's specialty stores told local media that Nokia plans to increase the number of its specialty stores in Beijing to 10 in 2009.

According to Nokia, its mobile phone stores are divided into specialty stores and flagship stores. Nokia's flagship stores adopt the direct-managed model and are operated by the company itself while its specialty stores are developed through cooperation with local partners. So far, Nokia has only opened two flagship stores in China, including the Hong Kong flagship store opened in 2006 and the Shanghai flagship store opened in 2007.


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