Chinese budget air carrier Lucky Air has signed a partnership agreement with China's third-party payment platform for air ticket distribution to both businesses and consumers in mainland China.

The cooperation is an important part of Lucky Air's efforts in updating of its ticket selling service via the Internet. When clients use a credit card to book an air ticket from Lucky Air's website, will first cover the ticket fee, and then collect the money from the air passenger later via credit card payment, escrow services, or in-person cash payments. This has, to a large degree, solved cash flow issues for air ticket clients. It has greatly also simplified the payment procedures on Lucky Air's B2B website by reducing it from the previous six steps to three and making the payment on the website more accessible. In addition, this will make ticket returns more convenient for clients as the refund can be done in real-time.

A Lucky Air representative said that after the B2C and B2B payment solutions are fully launched in the coming weeks, its direct-sales and distribution efficiency will be greatly improved and management costs will be lowered. This will benefit Chinese consumers along with the company's existing automated office system, flight control system, accounting management systems, and its e-commerce platform.

Low-cost carrier Lucky Air was set up in Yunnan province by Hainan Airlines, Shanxi Airlines and Yunnan Shilin Aviation Travel Service Company to serve passengers flying to and from Yunnan.


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