According to Ma Daojie, vice general manager for China Telecom's mobile terminal subsidiary eSurfing, China Telecom will accelerate its purchase and sale of 3G mobile phones and the company will soon start its second round mobile phone tender.

Prior to this announcement, China Telecom launched its first round of CDMA mobile phone tenders of five million mobile phone in the middle of 2008. More recently, the company started its 3G data card tender.

Ma says to ensure the rapid development of China Telecom's various businesses after its CDMA network is upgraded to 3G network, the company has organized relevant departments and experts in some of its provincial branches to start concentrating on the 3G terminal bidding. At the same time, to further stimulate the operations of 3G terminals, eSurfing will establish an EVDO terminal product base that can meet China Telecom's user interface and business standards.

Ma adds that though China Telecom has only operated the CDMA mobile phone for a few months, its sales already set a new record. In 2009, China Telecom's CDMA terminal demand is expected to reach 50 million mobile phones, which is an attractive number for any mobile phone manufacturer.


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