Intel has decided to cancel its Intel Developer Forum held in Taiwan from 2009 and the company will only hold such forums in Beijing and San Francisco, respectively.

At Intel's annual IDF, the company not only displays its newly-developed processors and chips, but also shows new products from its partners, including Asus, Acer, Compal and BenQ. IDF, which is one of the world's most important technology shows, has become a stage for these IT manufacturers.

Over the past year, Intel held IDF events in such cities as Shanghai, San Francisco and Taipei. However, affected by the global financial crisis, Intel's president and CEO Paul Otellini has announced plans to cut costs by reducing labor overheads and canceling IDF in Taiwan.

Intel's Taiwan branch says that since the IDF Taiwan, which was originally planned in Taipei in November 2009, will be scrapped, the company will now actively participate in the Computex Taipei 2009, during which Intel will showcase the latest technologies from Taiwan.

In addition, the IDF Beijing which is due to open in April 2009 will focus on the demands of Chinese mainland's local industry and the time will be shortened from two days to one day, which is on April 8, 2009.


  1. comparing between manufacturing price and sale price of the Intel processor, it's too expensive for the customer as well as the laptop manufacturers so it's the right time to make a research to manufacture a faster, cheaper processor that would benefit both customer and manufacturer around the world . think about a processor which would cost less than 5% of the whole laptop manufacturing price tag, unfortunately what we paid for a laptop robbed us as much as 25% of the price just for the processor from Intel so it's time for all of the laptop/desktop PC manufacturers in Taiwan to shift AMD instead of Intel which has shift her loyalty to China
    Or probably form a team to produce a faster processor from the laptop manufacturer to meet customer's demand for a faster processor which Intel couldn't yield constantly


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