Microsoft (MSFT) has planned to launch three flagship products targeted at business users.

The three new products are Windows Vista, Office System 2007 and Exchange Server 2007. Although it has not disclosed the price for the new products, Microsoft says that the price of Windows Vista in China will be the lowest in the global market.

Zhang Yaqin, president of Microsoft China Development Group, says that Microsoft has spent over US$20 billion and 5 years on the three products, which are called the largest software project in the IT industry.

It is estimated that the global sales of Microsoft's Vista will reach 90 million next year, to be installed on 90% of the new PCs and 35% of enterprise computers.

Microsoft made these announcements in China on the same day as it made other announcements around the globe. However, due to time differences, China became the first country where the products were officially unveiled.


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