According to China's State Administration of Radio Film and Television, the official website of China Central Television will soon open a nationwide Internet TV station.

SARFT says under the directions of the central leaders of the Chinese government, is actively promoting the preparation for the nationwide Internet TV station. While doing investigations on foreign and Chinese video websites on such aspects as content construction, technology planning and talent team, will decide the orientation of the Internet TV station, the overall goal and the steps for the implementation.

At the same time, it will promote the construction of the global mirror sites and start the construction of an Internet video sharing platform. is working with CCTV's market research company on the investigation of the demands of users to get an overall knowledge of the habits and psychology of consumers, so as to develop customized programs and functional products to meet the demands of users.

As for when the national Internet TV station will be launched, the SARFT did not give further information.


  1. I just watched a 60 minutes episode on US computer wastes being sent to HK then southern China to be dismantled without concern for ruining the air and water in the town. Young children have lethal levels of lead, mercury, and other poisons in their blood. How can the local government sanction such murderous businesses in their towns? Now that the central government knows what is going on, is it going to stop these deadly events and punish the evil local officials, gangs, and businesses? It is also the role of the technical media to expose and prevent such horrible things in China. Please do your best to get the government to correct these practices.


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